At Woodland Tree & Landscaping, we take great pride in providing an extensive range of pathway installations to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you fancy a delightful stepping stone path, a traditional cobblestone walkway, a rustic natural stone trail, or a contemporary pathway, we have the expertise to craft a splendid and practical path that complements the design of your property. 

Whether you want to enhance your existing pathway or create a new and exciting one, we can assist you. Our use of excellent materials ensures durability, allowing your pathway to maintain its elegant and unique appearance for years to come.

Expert Pathways Installer in Newark

Adding a new pathway around your home serves both functional and decorative purposes, adding definition to the entire area. Whether you envision a meandering path through your garden or a convenient access route from the pavement to your front door or around the house, we’ve got you covered.

We can install paths using a wide variety of different building materials, including concrete, crushed stone, resin, natural stone, bricks, timber, and pavers. Our team can help you find the perfect material for your property, based on its appearance, your budget, and the path’s intended use.

  • Front Door Pathways

  • Side Pathways

  • Garden Pathways

  • Sensory Pathways

  • Non-Slip Paths

  • Paths connecting driveway to the house

We cover all areas in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

If you’d like to find out more about block paving driveways or would like us to quote on your project, please get in touch with our friendly, professional team.

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Here are photos showcasing pathway projects we've successfully undertaken:

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